Dream interpretation

What does the name Arkady mean and what is destined for the native of happiness


The name Arkady has its own guiding star. This is the pole star in the constellation Ursa Minor. Perhaps this is why Arcadia, born in the northern hemisphere, is distinguished by particularly bright talents and incredible delicate flair. This does not always help in the search for happiness, but in the search for one’s own path, in finding a destination, undoubtedly.

The origin of the name originates from the ancient Greek word "arkady", which means inevitable happiness. It was believed that there is a beautiful country of Arkady, something like a Christian paradise with endless green fields and eternal bliss. It was possible to get to a happy country even while living by the mercy of the gods, or by deceiving their guard.

In Greece, Arcadia was called the whole province in the outback with a wonderful climate, hoping to lure happiness. Since the ancient myths under Christianity were cruelly persecuted, a new interpretation of the name arose - a native of Arcadia, a shepherd, a villager.

Name Talismans

  • Zodiac sign - charming and many-sided Aquarius
  • Planet - Saturn
  • Happy color - green, blue, red, yellow. Bright and juicy shades with maximum color depth
  • Eucalyptus Tree
  • Plant - peas, beans
  • Animal - Patron - Heron
  • Stone - tourmaline, emerald.

Name options

Affectionate and diminutive - Arkasha, Kesha.

Other options are Arcadio, Adik, Ari, Arkashka, Arkady, Archie.

Name Day Arkady celebrates February 8

Name Compatibility

Best of all, the name is combined with female names conforming to his name - Dina, Tamara, Rinata, Ariadna, Ira, Kira, Katia, Karina, Lida.


Character has the main features - dedication and secrecy, fierce and all-conquering love, which certainly must pass through thorns. Only in this case it has value. Arkady appreciates bright and powerful emotions, are complex in composition and inaccessible with insufficient intellectual or spiritual development. He despises indifference and calm, they seem to him signs of laziness and stupidity.

Arkady has a lively and extremely active nature. He is inexhaustible by fabrications, ideas, projects, able to carry people along and infect them with his enthusiasm.

The bad qualities include high practicality, mercantile spirit. He easily assigns other people's ideas, presenting them as his own. He intercepts the initiative and quietly becomes the main actor, forcing himself to be considered.

In the name is hidden hidden power. It seems soft in sound due to the softened "d" in the middle. But in fact, manliness and firmness in him are no less than in the name “Andrey”. Even more, because the solid "p" is at the beginning of the word. Arkady can always give an unexpected surprise. Extremely pleasant for loved ones and beloved people, and deadly for enemies.

There is no open militancy in the name, but a firm sarcastic mind, cunning, subtlety, and a sharp wicked tongue make Arkady an extremely dangerous rival. Beloved woman next to him will have to endure a lot. You need to have a strong character if you want to be close. Tormenting and tormenting his loved ones, Arkasha actually tests himself. He is ready to give his life for those whom he loves and believes that he does so. In order to pay for the daily sacrifice, he demands the same selflessly and reverent service.

He is extremely painful if someone from his staff or loved ones wants independence. It seems to him that this indicates an unacceptable levity, the search for easy ways. Of course, he will let the grown-up daughter marry and will even be the soul of the company at the wedding, he will be able to become the center of universal adoration among even strangers. So that after years they will warmly recall the only meeting. But the unfortunate groom will have to pull out more than a dozen poisonous spines from his skin.

To quarrel with this sweet and pleasant person is more dangerous than teasing a tiger.


Happy fate leads Arkady through life. He achieves a completely exceptional position, attention, becomes the intellectual center among the people loyal to him. This is natural for him - he was born for happiness and recognition. He does not doubt himself, but constantly reflects on the ways, methods, choice of the right words, approaches, surrounding people.

Young Arkasha causes affection - he behaves as if he knows something special, only he has a pleasant surprise available and chooses the time to inform others. Subtlety of perception, talent, talent, artistry appear early. It is very important to ensure maximum opportunities for the development of the boy, while avoiding the formation of a "prodigy."

Provide your child with a decent and pleasant environment. It is important to teach the child to work, to work. This diamond needs to be cut. Without the habit of working, he can become forever gifted and will not be able to find himself in life. Arkady is growing up late. It is good if by the age of 40 he acquires a special inner strength. From the moment of real maturation, no one can influence him and lead him astray, distract him.

Arkady early acquires a family, children and tries to bear responsibility, although at least half of the burden falls on his wife. He adores children, he is at ease with them, he is often “on the same wavelength,” while remaining an authority and example.

Despite all the difficulties, Arkady is a very happy and easy person, he easily accepts help and support, which helps him to become stronger, knows people very well, knows how to love and forgive. He can even forgive betrayal and make efforts to restore the relationship, because he will blame himself. The owner of the name is waiting for an exciting and eventful life.


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