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Taurus with other zodiac signs: general characteristics and compatibility


Taurus, along with Aries, represent the tandem of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac, but Taurus is also distinguished by pragmatism along with a heightened sense of justice. It is very easy to offend Taurus, since it has a heightened sensitivity - a gift from the goddess Venus. Consider compatibility: Taurus with other signs of the zodiacal circle. How to get along with the most stubborn and practical representative of the elements of the earth?

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General characteristics of Taurus

By nature, Tauruses are balanced and calm. But do not forget about the dormant volcano, which can in an unexpected moment spew hot lava from the bowels of the earth. Therefore, Taurus is terrible in anger. But to bring it to an earthquake and a volcanic eruption is not so simple - it is slow and often slow.

The positive qualities of Taurus include:

  • reliability;
  • perseverance;
  • excerpt;
  • long-suffering;
  • the ability to keep secrets;
  • developed sense of beauty.

Earth can get along with all the elements, but under certain conditions - mutual concessions. Taurus feels good with its terrestrial group of signs, as well as with water signs - Pisces, Crayfish and Scorpios. Water can adapt, flow around and occupy the most advantageous position in the ground. Both elements feel comfortable and complement each other.

Relations with the element of fire are much more complicated - here you need to be able to make compromises. In case of unsuccessful relationships, the fire can burn the ground to ashes, and the earth can completely extinguish the fire.

With representatives of the air sign is still more difficult - there are no common points of contact. When the air is in a state of immobility, they both feel good and comfortable. But when the air enters a state of hurricane, nothing good can be expected of the earth. And the air is not easier.

In a relationship, Taurus shows caution and calculates all moves in advance. However, he can bring a heightened sense of purpose: if the relationship is not fastened, this stubborn person starts to storm the object of his attention, completely not caring about his feelings.

The original combination of practicality and romance distinguishes Taurus from all and is sometimes perceived as an eccentricity. But Taurus feels the world exactly like this, because his character is formed by the elements earth and the goddess of love Venus. If representatives of other signs of the zodiac can appreciate Taurus, he will selflessly take care of their well-being: this child of the earth will create all the conditions for a comfortable existence.


With all its positive beginnings, Taurus has a bunch of flaws. These include the following qualities that can simply make people mad:

  • for Taurus to finally make a decision, one must wait a very long time - as a result, he may never accept him;
  • instead of active actions, Taurus will argue long and hard;
  • Taurus is difficult to convince in some way and difficult to resist the opinion imposed on them;
  • Taurus's gratitude is always silent;
  • behind the mask of indifference and coolness lies a very vulnerable pride and vulnerable soul;
  • The extreme expression of Taurus's selfishness makes him deaf to the problems of others.

However, with age, Taurus becomes more docile as it learns to see people around it. Therefore, the older the representative of this sign of the zodiac, the easier it is to find mutual understanding with him.

Earth signs

With representatives of their element - Capricorn and Virgo - Taurus feels comfort. All children of the earth strive for balance and peace, set specific goals in life and are not inclined to drastic changes. They will always understand and support each other. However, this concerns the general characteristics. In life circumstances, representatives of the earth element can be hostile if they show perseverance and determination in an unnecessary direction.

For harmonious coexistence, they need to direct their efforts to achieve goals, and not to be hostile to each other. For example, if a pair of Taurus begins civil strife, this feud will last indefinitely - both will never give up their positions. Relations with Capricorn and Virgo will never reach such an enmity as the patron planets are different for everyone - and this leaves a mark on character. If Capricorn is stubborn, then not to the same extent as Taurus - you can agree. The same applies to the Virgin.

The most prosperous are the unions of a woman Taurus with a man Capricorn and a man Taurus with a woman Virgo.

In the love relationship between earth signs, there will never be ardent passion, however, this suits them completely. If the stars create the conditions for their financial well-being, then earthly signs do not need more happiness.

When creating an alliance with Taurus, one must take into account that he considers the relationship from his point of view. That is, for Taurus, love is expressed not only in romantic feelings, but also in mutual support and around the clock care.

Water signs

Some Taurus may be bored by the infinite stability and inviolability in attachment to traditions, in this case water signs will help brighten up life. Pisces are able to make a variety of emotional life, Scorpios will add thrills, and the ever-insecure Cancers always need the protection of Taurus.

Of course, the relationship does not immediately develop safely: for this, Taurus must constantly improve their qualities. In addition, all the earthly problems Taurus will have to take on.

Successful are the unions of Taurus women with a man Pisces, and Taurus men with a woman Cancer. In a pair of Taurus-Scorpio gender does not matter.

With Pisces, a productive and harmonious union is possible, despite the opposite views on life. If partners agree to compromise, Pisces will learn practicality from Taurus, and Taurus will learn to relax from everyday worries. Taurus is so responsible that in the heat of work and care can even forget about lunch. Pisces will be able to provide the trumpet with excellent rest, and Taurus in gratitude to Pisces will surround them with comfort and care.

In relations with Cancer, it is becoming more and more difficult, as the indecisive signs of water tend to constantly dive deeper and hide from all the dangers of the world under some snag in the still waters. Taurus will teach Rakov soberly to assess the situation, and those in response will awaken in them patronizing feelings. The harmoniousness of the relationship will contribute to the natural softness of Taurus - he will never offend the weak.

With Scorpio - thunder and lightning in a relationship. However, Scorpios will always appreciate the dedication of Taurus and the ability to stand firmly on their feet and be financially independent: they simply destroy the wimps. Aggressive and cynical Scorpios will not allow anyone to sit on their neck, and Taurus does not differ in this quality. And yet, harmonious relationships are possible only if there is a benefit from one or both sides.

Fire signs

These relationships are full of contradictions, sometimes they become a test of Taurus for strength. A pragmatic and prudent Taurus cannot understand the constant changeability of partners, which seems unacceptable to levity. Taurus will never take the initiative to create such a relationship, but by the will of fate may be drawn into an adventurous marriage from his point of view.

With signs of fire, relations with Aries can be most favorable: they are united by a sense of purpose. Under certain circumstances, this alliance can become very harmonious if the partners join forces to achieve a common goal. Otherwise there will be constant feud and butting horns. Taurus and Aries better not to quarrel.

Aries will always be the ringleader in tandem with Taurus. This union can enrich both the stubborn, add and bring diversity. Love relationships will be full of passionate passion, because Aries is able to ignite the judicious Taurus and entice him with romance of relationships.

In relations with Leo, harmony is possible only in business relations, because Taurus does not claim to be a palm. Lev is flattered by such a state of affairs; besides, Taurus is an excellent assistant and reliable partner.

Relationships with Sagittarius are difficult, because the overwhelming power of the fire sign can seriously hurt the sensitive and tender Taurus. In friendly and partner relations, a union can be quite successful and harmonious, but in love relationships, mutual understanding is almost impossible. A romantic from a big road is perceived by Taurus as something unreliable and dangerous, although unions are found. A pair can be formed to solve karmic problems.

Air signs

Taurus differs keen sense of justice, honesty and decency. They and their partners expect similar behavior. But in the case of air signs, there can be no talk of justice - they perceive their own fickleness of views as the only possible thing in life. But Taurus regard changeability as unreliability and even deceit.

With Gemini, only friendly relationships are possible, despite the difference in worldviews. If you do not take Gemini to heart, you can maintain a warm and friendly atmosphere. This sign has seven Fridays in the week, which causes a sharp misunderstanding in Taurus. In love, harmony will not be due to the particularity of Gemini to fall in love with everybody indiscriminately.

With Libra mutual understanding is difficult to find, although both signs are under the control of Venus. The feeling of beauty is the only thing that can unite them for a while. The element of air constantly affects Libra, which are in a state of uncertainty. The first outbreak of passion between signs will inevitably end in either hatred or tragedy. For some reason, the warring Taurus and Libra are trying to cause each other as much damage as possible.

With Aquarius, alliance is less problematic than with Libra. The genius of Aquarius conquers Taurus, they are for him a breath of fresh air. Friendship and cooperation between signs will be very fruitful and lasting, as long as signs have something to “profit” from each other. But love is hopeless, marriage is doomed to collapse and failure.