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Compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio - teacher-student relationship


The compatibility of Cancer and Scorpio is considered favorable. These are signs of the same, water element. Their relationship, according to astrologers, are of the type "parent and child" or "teacher and student", where the dominant role is assigned to Cancer. We will understand in more detail.

Compatibility in love

From the point of view of astrologers, this union is a variant of classical harmonious compatibility. The relations between these two signs are usually given the most favorable forecasts.

Common language Cancer and Scorpio are almost immediately. They intuitively feel a soul mate in each other, a strong attraction arises between them, and they are simply unable to part.

It is believed that these people are unconsciously capable, even at a distance, to read each other's emotions and feelings.

What is characteristic of such a zodiac union:

  1. Cancer in a pair is more balanced and calm, so he usually takes the initiative in everything, solves problems and makes important decisions. Scorpio, as a more emotional one, is better to submit and give in so as not to do something silly due to natural impulsiveness.
  2. Almost immediately after dating, they understand how much they are alike. They usually have many common interests, they look at life equally and pursue the same goals. This greatly brings together the initial stage of the relationship.
  3. Scorpio appreciates the touching romance of Cancer. And Cancer, like a magnet, attracts Scorpio’s sexuality and passion, he likes how he vividly and violently manifests his emotions.
  4. In the Scorpion Cancer enters his wide soul, great creative potential and openness in the expression of feelings. They are always ready to support each other, showing their best qualities and becoming better in such harmonious relationships.
  5. The fate of the union will always depend more on Cancer, it takes the role of a wise patron in a pair, bears responsibility, makes decisions and sends its satellite.
  6. Also, Cancer will have to constantly control the atmosphere in the house, he will soften the negative, which periodically slips off from the anxious and always worried about something Scorpio. He must be monitored constantly, because in this relationship he becomes an irresponsible child.
  7. Natural tact and softness of Cancer save the relationship. He will only amuse himself with the whims of his emotional companion. Pamper and humor as he can.
  8. From the side of their pair seems almost perfect, and this is in fact the case. But there are some peculiarities.
  9. Remarkably formed relationships and in the area of ​​life that concerns planning and the overall budget. They agree on how to build a life, what to spend money on and where to invest it. The older they get, the more they accumulate. By mature age, a decent capital is usually accumulated in the family.
  10. Joint vacation and travel plans usually Cancer. It is more practical and can find the perfect option. Without his wise approach, Scorpio would have squandered all the money, wasting it on completely unnecessary things.
  11. Both value freedom and do not tolerate violations of their personal boundaries. But at the same time, Scorpio can become too controlling, turning even into an energetic vampire that oppresses Cancer.

We summarize: such a couple has every chance to build love and a long, happy relationship. But there are moments in which it is necessary to still find compromises and go towards each other.

Causes of conflict

Despite the excellent compatibility, this pair has something to work in a relationship. Knowledge of the problem sides and the ability to find an approach to each other in time will be simply invaluable.

What is worth working in a relationship:

  1. Cancer likes to arrange emotional blackmail, which, of course, is not worth doing. To prevent conflicts from happening, Scorpio should temper his desires during quarrels to prick the partner more painfully.
  2. Both love to provoke and arrange a showdown. For them, this is a psychological drug. But it is good if at least one remains a diplomat and begins to suppress such emotional vampirism.
  3. Both may seem outwardly cold, but at the same time a gamma of feelings will rage inside. It is important not to keep all these feelings in yourself, but to share your feelings and desires with your partner, to talk about offenses.
  4. It is very necessary to restrain oneself in order not to make quarrels in public. Both will have the desire to at least once throw a scandal in public, but it is absolutely not worth doing this.
  5. Scorpio is simply obliged to refrain from large expenses, without consulting with his rational partner. Spoonish morally simply kills Cancer and can make you doubt whether he is keeping that person next to him.

But in this pair both are always faithful to each other and do not even think about treason. Therefore, the trust between them will always be high. Is that at a young age Scorpio can pay attention to someone else, out of thirst to experiment and gain new experience.

Watch the video about the relationship of these two characters:

Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man

It is important for a woman in such a union to learn to accept criticism and value judgments about her without resentment and negative emotions. It is necessary to at least explain to your companion why this is so unpleasant, but in no case should you keep it to yourself.

Also, she will have to accept that her man will always be somewhat infantile, and she will have to take the lion's share of the decisions. Solving problems and taking responsibility for the family - too.

She also needs to understand that it is impossible to react to taunts and emotional attacks of the elect. He does it unconsciously, not wanting to hurt - he just has such a nature.

Both are incredibly vindictive, which harms relationships. Only the girl will long keep insults in himself, and the man will tell everyone around him what kind of "snake" is next to him.

Cancer man and Scorpio woman

This version of the relationship is almost perfect, but not without the pitfalls.

At first, the girl seems to Scorpio too impulsive, emotional and overly energetic. But, although he thinks that it annoys him, it is precisely these qualities that he unconsciously attracts.

The girl will also not be delighted at the beginning of the relationship of his chosen one. He seems to her a bit insecure, overly melancholic. But at the same time it will attract some kind of mystery, intrigue, hidden in the depths of his soul.

The girl will never sit at the window and wait for her beloved from work. She will find a lot of affairs and hobbies. This is what a man likes, who does not like to become the center of the universe and the object of adoration for a woman. To such he very quickly loses interest.