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Compatibility of Virgo and Cancer - a harmonious pair of all the envy


Compatibility of Virgo and Cancer is considered favorable. Both signs are even in the zodiacal table, and their elements, water and earth, are in perfect harmony with each other. This relationship promises to be happy, long and filled with love.

Compatibility in love

Couples, which are created by earth and water signs, astrologers consider the strongest. And it is not unreasonable, because the partners understand each other perfectly, easily find compromises and are always ready for support.

What is characteristic of the union of Cancer and Virgo:

  1. Both signs are endowed with romance, gentle nature and loyalty to their partner. This attracts them to each other. Almost immediately after they met, they realize that the person next door is a near perfect second half. On the same wavelength and their emotional background, which is important.
  2. Cancer in the sensual sphere is a more mature personality, so in relations with the Virgin, he becomes a wise mentor, patron and protector. He is ready to support her, help solve problems, instruct and take care. This is surprising because in relations with other signs he usually takes the opposite position.
  3. Deva and Cancer in the relationship have a lot to learn together. Communicating with each other, they themselves are better disclosed as a person. This couple is progressing by being close. Therefore, they have a great future.
  4. Virgo will take from Cancer a skillful ability to subtly feel the emotions of people, learn to empathize and support. And her usually unstable emotional background will return to normal.
  5. Cancer, in turn, takes from the partner the ability to rationally think, practicality and the ability to plan their steps a few moves ahead.
  6. Together they can make a lot of money by directing and supporting each other. They are not only lovers, but also wonderful friends, partners who strive to interact productively and cooperate with each other.
  7. They look at the world in almost the same way: they agree on life, family, work and the distribution of roles in relationships. This helps their union gradually, step by step, to become more and more happy, harmonious and beautiful.
  8. They never compete with each other, but seek to negotiate, seek and find compromises. Therefore, quarrels rarely occur, and problem situations are quickly and easily resolved peacefully.

This is the union of two loving, romantic, infinitely loyal people. From the side of the couple it seems sometimes too calm, devoid of emotions. But in fact, the feelings here are enough, they just do not show them too brightly.

Causes of conflict

Despite the harmonious relationship and excellent compatibility, this alliance may occasionally arise and problematic situations.

What it takes to work in the relationship of the Maiden and Cancer, to save love and quarrel as little as possible:

  1. Cancer - an emotional nature, vulnerable, sensitive feeling. He often has mood swings over trifles, which may make a stable and emotionally stable Virgo make you wonder. She needs to understand that Cancer is by nature, and not try to change it, but simply accept this trait of character chosen by him.
  2. To a cancer, the calm Virgo can sometimes seem overly cold, almost indestructible. She rarely sympathizes and empathizes, preferring to show her care in actions rather than words. It is desirable for her to learn how to find words of support in difficult times for the chosen one.
  3. Virgo also never matches words. She is straightforward, likes to criticize and say that she does not like, directly and sharply, without choosing expressions. It may offend and shock Cancer. He needs to become more patient and understand that harsh (in his understanding) statements are not from the desire to offend or annoy. Simply, there is such a Maiden, and this will not change.
  4. Another cause for a quarrel may be the jealousy of the Virgin, because her companion likes to flirt and flirt with the opposite sex. But he will never change, but only amuse his self-esteem, so you should not attach much importance to innocent flirting.

In order to quarrel less and keep the relationship for a long time, it’s enough to work together the listed points and everything will be fine.

Virgo Woman and Cancer Man

By nature, an analyst, critic and skeptic, Virgo is a wonderful wise woman who can become a real hearthard in her relationship with Cancer. She will create at home a uniquely cozy atmosphere in which you always want to return.

Perfectly adjusted life, clearly distributed family budget, obedient and intelligent children - all this will definitely be in such a pair.

A man will favorably take the chosen one with all its virtues. He is truly grateful to her for the role she plays in his life. But it is important for him to remember that Virgo is a rational and pragmatic nature. She needs her partner to be able to meet her financial needs, to be able to support her family.

If they leave, it is only because of problems with money. It is important for the girl to inspire and support her chosen one so that these problems never happen. Inspired by her love for him, he is capable of real feats. The main thing is to give him the necessary emotions and try to understand.

It is undesirable for them to be together when both partners are still young and looking for themselves in this life. In his youth, young Cancer is not yet able to shoulder the burden of responsibility for the family, he realizes his potential much later.

Man-Virgo and Cancer Woman

These relationships are less successful than in the previous version. In the union of Virgo and Cancer, the latter must take responsibility and provide for the family. It turns out that in such a pair the role of a breadwinner will be taken on by a woman, which can end in disrepair.

But if a man can become more solid, succeeds in his career and affairs and becomes a real head of the family, there is a chance that the girl will not be disappointed and will not find a more promising elect in her understanding.