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Male name Damir - characteristic, origin and content


There are several options for the origin.

  1. The abbreviated form of the Slavic name Dalimir (from the words and gave the world).
  2. Suggest origin from the Turkic name Timer (Timur).
  3. During the Soviet era, he was explained by a reduction of the slogan “Give us a world revolution! ".

Name translation

In the countries of the Arab world it is translated as “honest”, “smart”, from Tatar - “iron”, “strong”, “persistent”. In the Slavs, this name meant "giving peace and tranquility."

The meaning of the name Damir

  • Childhood. Damir is a serious, meticulous and inquisitive boy. Shows individuality since childhood. This is a malleable and diligent child, he just lacks diligence and endurance. For his justice and honesty, he is respected among his peers. Studying at school is easy for him, he loves exact sciences more.
  • Adolescence. In his youth, he shows his organizational skills, not showing his desire for honors and selfishness. He has no desire to manipulate people. He becomes more collected and conscientious. He has such features as vulnerability and ability to empathize. Sensitive to the betrayal and injustice. He treats parents' advice with understanding and does not enter into conflict with them. Such a negative character trait, as stubbornness, will remain with him for a long time. Damir is also not self-critical.
  • Mature age. This is a reliable and strong-willed man. Strives in everything and everywhere to become a leader. His sense of purpose and lack of arrogance attracts people around him. For his sincerity and openness, his friends respect him. We also note his generosity and patience.


Damir loves to play sports, so he has almost no problems with his health. No matter the state of health visits him rarely in life.

Love relationship

Sensual and polite Damir enjoys the attention of women. In his beloved, he would like to see energy, sincerity and independence. Spiritual intimacy is also important for strong relationships. Independent Damir will not continue the relationship with a power-hungry woman.

Compatible with female names

  • A successful marriage will be with Elena, Svetlana, Ilona, ​​Albina, Tatyana, Alina and Efrosinya.
  • Tensions can arise with Anita, Tamara, Vera, Larisa. Barbara and Margarita.

Professional and business

Purposefulness and reliability help him to realize his plans and achieve success in work. He seeks to always be in leadership positions. He is suitable engineering profession, work as a journalist, psychologist or politician. Damir can also become a successful businessman.

Horoscope name

  1. Aries. Restrained and cool man. She tries not to show off her emotions to other people. He has many friends and is always ready to provide them with the necessary support. Damira is respected for his responsiveness and honesty. He will have a happy marriage with a joyful and open woman.
  2. Taurus. He has the makings of a leader and organizer. In the first place is professional activity. Only there can he fully realize his abilities. In his personal life, Damir is a accommodating and non-conflicting man. In the family, he plays a major role. A woman for a married life will suit him with a strong character.
  3. Twins. A joyful, sociable and open man, may at first glance seem even carefree, and in private he is often visited by sad thoughts. He avoids loneliness, tries to communicate more and surrounds himself with friends and acquaintances. An energetic and sensual woman will help Damir to avoid depression and create a prosperous family.
  4. Crayfish. Sensitive and vulnerable man. He feels calm in his world. He has few friends. These are mainly those he knows from childhood and can trust them completely. In a relationship with the opposite sex shows uncertainty. In women, kindness and intelligence are important to him. To create his family will be difficult.
  5. A lion. Leader by nature - so you can say about this man. He has the makings of a leader and is well versed in the psychology of people. Able to manipulate people. He may have a lot of enemies. For family life he needs a quiet and sensible woman who will agree with him in everything.
  6. Virgo. Inventive and developed man. Personality is sensitive and vulnerable. Tough on criticism. Doubt in his abilities negatively affects his professional activities and personal life. In relationships with women, he lacks the courage to take the first step. For living together, he needs a determined woman who can solve many issues on her own. Damir will be her faithful and empathetic husband.
  7. Libra. Friendly and sociable man. He always tries to earn a wonderful opinion of himself among the people around him. Such dependence on the impression of other people may have negative consequences for them, for these people around them may begin to interfere in his personal life. To avoid this, Damir needs to develop inner self-confidence and eliminate the influence of strangers. Only in this way can he achieve complete independence, financial well-being, career growth and happiness in family life.
  8. Scorpio. A modest and indecisive man who is easily mistaken for a secretive and arrogant nature. In fact, behind this lies a sensitive and lonely person. He is glad to communicate, but beware of slyness and treason. This is only guessed by his true friends. He will build a happy family with an intelligent and loving woman.
  9. Sagittarius. Joyful and slightly thoughtless man with a good sense of humor. A companionable man, a lover of noisy parties, where there are no duties and problems for him. Loneliness he can not stand. For family life he needs a woman with a hard character.
  10. Capricorn. This is an open and serious man. Profession chooses the one that brings him pleasure. Despite the first impression of being closed, Damir can always keep up the conversation and has a healthy sense of humor. Be wary of prudent women. An energetic and open woman will suit him for a married life.
  11. Aquarius. A delicate man who can adapt to any conditions. He shows sociability with other people, therefore he rarely has enemies. Due to the mystery of his inner world, it is difficult to determine his true intentions. Women like him, but he is only interested in a serious relationship. By choosing a spouse fits carefully, so in marriage he is always happy.
  12. Fish. A great inventor and idealist. He speaks more than he specifically does something. It is difficult for him to carry out his plans into reality. Relationships with the beautiful half of people add up badly. Women seek stability and certainty in their future. Damir, because of her indecision, cannot provide it. For family life, he needs a strong-willed woman who is able to solve all family issues.

Astrological Symbols

  • Planet - the sun.
  • Zodiac sign - Virgo.
  • Animal World - Cat.
  • Green colour.
  • Plant - Nettle.
  • Stone - Moonstone.

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