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Zodiac signs falling on July


In the second month of summer - July, two zodiacal constellations, Cancer, which govern the main part of the month (from June 22 to July 23), are actual. And then from July 23, he passes his baton to the fiery Leo. In more detail about the characteristics of people born under the specified signs of the Zodiac and the general trend of the birthday of July, you can learn from this material.

Cancers - dreamers creating a world of their own fantasies

Cancer people have a very high degree of sensitivity. They are mostly introverts that close from others and reach their location is very difficult, but hurt and offend - it is impossible to simply. Although, as a rule, Cancers do not show other people that they somehow hurt their feelings because of their own pride.

In life, the representatives of this constellation are accustomed to trust their intuition more than their logic, and that they work just fine. These are people whose world is formed by feelings, impressions and emotions. They are in vital need of a comfortable environment, the presence of close and understanding people alongside themselves, which will help them to relax and demonstrate all their positive qualities.

Being surrounded by strangers Cancers in most cases feel shy. Such people may show increased isolation: to avoid conversations on confidential topics, to understand their true nature is a very difficult task. But at the same time, Cancers differ in tact, education, kindness and attentiveness towards other people.

They are drawn to the expanses of nature: the best rest for them will be a long walking or boat trip, as well as a trip out of town or a picnic. Cancers really like the land, the garden, they can spend a lot of time doing this in their hobby.

Cancers in friendship and family relationships

Family for Rakov is simply of great importance in life. Their relatives are very expensive for them, so they spend almost all of their free time with them, they are actively engaged in preserving and continuing family traditions. Cancer can go to great lengths for the sake of their loved ones, while conflict situations are frequent in his family, as the sign representative is used to taking everything too close to his heart. Rakas make excellent parents.

Being devoted to their family, such people are also willing to help their friends. They are very thin sympathize with others, they easily see themselves in a strange place. Help in choosing friends Raku also has his intuition.

Such individuals are more likely to stay at home and spend time with their relatives than go somewhere "for fun."

Characteristics of the career and money of Cancer

Although Cancer is a very sensitive person, this does not in any way prevent him from making his career. Representatives of the mark stop their choice on the profession that suits their spiritual aspirations. In particular, Cancer has good chances of making a career as a politician or diplomat.

In addition, such people, as a rule, are easily given mathematics: they are able to count well, and they manage money by intuition and they do not make mistakes. Cancers are very important to feel financial stability and engage in a good investment of money.

Of course, creativity plays a big role in the life of Cancer - he will be able to realize himself as an artist (especially a musician). Also, as a rule, he is interested in history, philosophy, the inner world of a person, his thoughts and soul.

Cancers are easy to find a common language with the kids, they sincerely love them, so they can safely choose for themselves activities that require contact with children.

Of the professions most acceptable to Cancer, these are: a psychologist, a consultant, a merchant, a doctor, a tutor, a teacher, an artist, a historian, a personal assistant and a researcher.

Cancer love and sex life

From the nature of Raku, it is important to constantly be in love with someone - otherwise he simply cannot. But this does not characterize him as a windy person. On the contrary, Cancers, just the same, are the people who remain faithful to their chosen one / darling for many years. Due to their developed imagination, sensuality, insight and cordiality, Cancers tend to maintain a relationship for a long time. The increased timidity of representatives of the sign can also play a role here: often they are just shy of approaching to meet other people.

In the intimate terms, Cancers are gentle and tender lovers who readily take into account the wishes of their halves and, of course, expect the same in response. They are absolutely not suitable authoritarian and ambitious partners.

Characteristics of the sphere of health

Of the weak points of Cancer can be called the chest, stomach and liver.

Patron planet

Cancers are protected by the planet-moon, which is responsible for the manifestation of feminine qualities, instincts, also for mood, the sphere of personal interests and desires, needs, magnetism, development and tactile sensations.


The happy shade of Cancer is silver.

Stone Mascot

The happy mineral is pearls.

Lucky numbers

Four and six become happy numbers of Cancer


It is easiest for Cancers to find a common language with Scorpio and Pisces.

Opposite sign

The opposite sign for Cancer in the zodiac circle is the constellation of Capricorn.

Hot and Fire Lions

Join the board from July 24 and remain relevant until the 23rd of August. Lions always remember who really is the king of the beasts and never ceases to convince other people of this. It is difficult to find something else that Lions would spend more energy on than attracting attention to their own person. Life for Lviv is a kind of stage, where only they play the role of major stars.

Representatives of this constellation are accustomed to set themselves specific goals and achieve them without changing course. Nature gives Leo many different talents, perseverance, charisma and dedication. Such people are distinguished by brightness and perseverance. But they have one small drawback: they are too greedy for flattery, their head risks spinning very quickly from compliments, and they suffer from criticism (even insignificant).

In Leo, one can trace a pronounced artistry along with sincerity, as well as a love of luxurious life, modesty, individuality and high empathy. Lions have a leadership nature, they are romantic and reckless personalities.

Characteristics of a friendly and family life

Family and family - that’s what is most important for Lviv. Such people are very impressed by their loyalty to the family, they will defend family values ​​to the last. At the same time, they expect a similar reaction from their surroundings. Although Leo is notable for sociability, he is quite selective in the field of communication and will never allow lies, meanness and hypocrisy. On the other hand, Leo is inclined to quickly say goodbye to insults, since he is distinguished by natural magnanimity.

Their generosity and willingness to have fun tirelessly constantly surprises others. Nor can the Lviv have a great sense of humor, which helps them to gain favor from their friends and influence their neighbors.

Characteristics of career and material areas of life

Lions have a lot of ambitions and best of all their potential is revealed in the creative sphere of life.

Leo is a very holistic and unique personality who, even in a very monotonous and tedious activity, can find something positive. Such individuals tend to independently look for classes for themselves, they are not able to sit without work, waiting for “instructions from above.”

Thanks to his natural optimism and sociability, Leo becomes an indispensable employee in any workgroup or team.

Such individuals strive for power, but are so proud that they do not allow humiliation, even in those cases when they seek to get a special position, some privileges.

The representatives of the Zodiac sign Leo like it when some kind of fuss is happening around him, and they very quickly get tired of the concentrated and identical activity.

Of the areas suitable for Lev, one can name the show business or the dramatic field. A very high percentage of people-Lviv are actors, singers, presenters and athletes. In addition, Leo can choose for himself the profession of a politician, cardiologist, exchange player, official, restaurateur, art historian, manager and creative director.

In this case, the Lions, no matter how much money they received, always spend a lot. They belong to the category of people throwing money, which diverge in different trifles.

Lions are generous people who don’t feel sorry for the money for gifts, pleasant surprises for their friends or friendly loans. Lions will not be able to enlighten you, how to learn to save and start to postpone stocks to the "black day".

Characteristics of love and sexual spheres of life

Lions are sensual and energetic lovers. If they make love, they show all their passion to the maximum. Romanticism is not alien to the lions, they like to make pleasant surprises to the objects of their sympathies.

Such individuals very well distinguish sex with love and put their independence first.

They are impressed by relaxed, not hung up on their own person, fun partners. In addition, for Lions great importance is the ability to maintain a conversation and, of course, the desire to compliment their precious person.

Characteristics of the sphere of health

The most sensitive parts of the body of Leo include the heart with the upper back.

Patron planet

Leo is patronized by the Sun, responsible for the manifestation of masculine energy and endowing his wards with domination, vigor, forward movement, self-esteem and a penchant for bold experiments.

Happy color

The lion's happy color is golden.

Precious mineral

The stone guardian of the Lion is a ruby.

Magic numbers

Lucky numbers are unit, four and six.

Love compatibility

Representatives of the constellation Leo perfectly find mutual understanding with Sagittarius and Aries.

Opposite zodiac sign

Opposite Leo stands the constellation of Aquarius.

Now you know which of the signs of the zodiac fall on the hot second month of summer. Finally, we recommend that you view an interesting thematic video material: