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Is there good compatibility between the Dog and the Dragon in a relationship?


Compatibility between the Dog and the Dragon in the partnership - how high it promises to be. About this you can read in this material.

The compatibility horoscope says that the Dog-Dragon pair is unfavorable. These marks are not related by joint purposes, they also lack mutual understanding.

The dog is the only sign that does not come to the insane delight of the Dragon. After all, she has a more realistic attitude towards life and she is disgusted with artificial sheen. Of course, the Dog can fall in love with the Dragon, but in such a relationship only suffering is waiting for it, since it will not be able to show enough tenderness.

And deep inside she will mock her lover, while the Dragon will be sorely missed by her attention. After all, this person needs unconditional love when they accept all his faults and admire them, and this is given to the Dog rather difficultly. As a result, both partners have different complexes, which are more than enough.

Neither the second party to the relationship does not want to violate their beliefs and enter into conflict situations. To reconcile, partners need to take steps towards each other and learn to cope with their egoism. Of course, this is a very difficult task, as everyone is afraid of losing their freedom and keeps the brand.

If the representatives of these signs dream of a happy marriage, then they should make some sacrifices with respect to each other, for this reason it is not necessary to speak of a long-term marriage in this case.

Characteristics of the girl-dog and male dragon

Speaking of compatibility in the relationship of the boy-dragon and the girl-dog, we must say that this is probably the most difficult and problematic couple in the entire horoscope. Building a long-term love relationship in such a union is a tremendous difficulty, as a rule, we can only talk about superficial relationships. The fact is that partners differ completely different views on life and different values.

The Dragon Man is a creative person, full of energy and dreaming of social self-realization. This is a leader with a capital letter, the desire to lead which is in first place in life.

And the girl-dog, first of all, needs personal comfort, all other things are secondary for her. She lives entirely in the material world. Of course, in some ways she will agree to make concessions and suffer, but any patience has a limit.

Girl-Dog can hardly accept the Dragon Man, who thinks very differently. She needs warmth and care, and the Dragon relies on its own career and social activities. Such individuals will not be able to give each other what they need so much.

Still, the relationship will be able to hold out for a sufficiently long time, provided that the Dragon is able to provide the girl-dog financially, as well as to satisfy his spiritual needs. In this case, she will give him her loyalty with devotion and care and it will be possible to create a reliable, stable rear.

Man-Dragon is hard not to notice on the general background: it is distinguished by bright charisma, as well as an unusual appearance. Wherever he appears, he will be accompanied everywhere by enthusiastic views of female fans. But in reality he very rarely feels a feeling of real, sincere and deep love.

The constant attention of the female person adds arrogance to such a person, and his authoritarianism can turn into egoism. Such a person is always self-confident and self-righteous.

The Dragon Man is distinguished by ambition - he often loads himself with things that other people could not cope with. To achieve his goal, he will show maximum enthusiasm, he even has no thoughts about defeat. Most likely, it is for this reason that the Dragon Man successfully copes with all his wildest intentions.

Choosing for itself the companion of life, the Dragon prefers old-fashioned and conservatism. He needs a real beauty with long legs and a magnificent chest, which received a red diploma at the university. After all, only such a girl can be worthy of him.

Dragon Man is distinguished by hard work and hard work. He does not accept flattery, falsehood and hypocrisy in relationships. Everything in life he gets through honest work, so that in his old age can save a solid state. But at the same time, such a person shows generosity with generosity, always ready to render his assistance to those who need it.

Dragons never become couch potatoes, because they are crazy about travel, adventure, plus social self-realization is extremely important for them.

As for the girl-dog, she is distinguished by external attractiveness, intelligence, insight, calm and wisdom. In a society it adheres to a quiet and modest demeanor, it does not really like crowded places. With all this, the Dog is distinguished by compassion and mercy, always trying to come to the aid of those who need it. As a rule, the girl-dog you will meet not in the club, but as a participant in some kind of volunteer program.

With representatives of the opposite sex, she adheres to a timid and constrained manner of behavior, but when she creates a pair, then, as a rule, once and for the rest of her life. She is an incredibly honest and devoted wife for whom the family is in the first position in the list of life values. Willingly sacrifice himself for love.

Such a girl shows patience and tends to accumulate her grievances for a long time, until the "vessel of patience" burst completely. Then instead of a harmonious and balanced person becomes very angry and aggressive person. Due to her excellent oratorical abilities, intelligence, as well as tolerance and rejection of injustice, the Girl-Dog may well become an informal leader.

The abilities and talents of such a fair sex certainly deserve a high praise among the authorities and colleagues, as well as relatives. The opinion of the girl-dog is important for her friends, and they also appreciate her desire to always uphold justice. But at the same time such a person is very sensitive and vulnerable, she needs to receive a lot of attention from people who love her.

Overview of compatibility between the male dragon and the female dog

As a rule, the initiator of relations in such a pair is the male Dragon. Girl-dog seems to him very unusual, he likes her loyalty. He feels that he will be able to get support from her even in very difficult moments of his life. And the girl-dog is flattered by the attention and courtship of such an enviable groom. Partners have fun, but only until they know each other better.

The thing is that the girl-dog strives to get a quiet family comfort, dreams of a comfortable environment, she needs a caring and gentle husband. But the Dragon Man does not plan to sit at home at all, and also does not want to say goodbye to his fans and the way of the lovelace. And yet, unlike his girlfriend, he is experiencing a craving for adventure and is constantly in search of new emotions. Therefore, the girl-dog, dreaming about a strong traditional family, will not feel protected next to such a man.

In marriage, the girl-dog will completely dissolve in the interests of the male dragon, will experience pride and admiration for his faithful. But, unfortunately, for her partner she will have less value than he for her.

Both partners have different opinions on how roles should be distributed in the family. And none of them is willing to give way to another. Contradictions and opposites prevent them from achieving harmony in relationships. It may be an illusion that in reality everything is not so bad, but truly each of the participants in the couple will be more worried about the state of external affairs, rather than family problems.

The Girl-Dog dreams about care and support from his faithful, and the Dragon Man does not give her that, as he is immersed in social activities. He is overwhelmed by such powerful creative energy that he is simply not able to fully realize himself while sitting at home. Therefore, such a spouse will not leave a good assistant in the household - he is too busy with social problems.

While the Dragon husband will make a career, the wife-Dog is forced to cope with all the household problems, raise children and monitor the economy. She is very loyal and faithful, trying on all matters to consult with her spouse, but the busy Dragon is just annoying. Therefore, if a girl feels that she is in a degrading situation, she will go in search of a new “owner”.

Another problem is that there is no mutual understanding in such a union. Both of its participants are too fixated on their persona and at the same time perceive family life in different ways. Girl-Dog has a realistic approach to life, for her marriage is a profitable investment. And the Dragon Man has become accustomed to head in the clouds, he is not given calculations and planning at all, as he is chasing after entertainment and delight. This difference is fraught with different tensions and conflicts. In addition, neither she nor he is trying to establish a spiritual connection. Their pair can be destroyed not by a quarrel, but by the inability to maintain contact.

The love compatibility of the male Dragon and the girl-dog

With regard to sexual compatibility in such a pair, it is also imperfect. Man-Dragon, both in life and in bed, stretches to everything bright and extraordinary. And having sex with a girl-dog risks becoming something mundane. Therefore, sex between them will not occur very often, and in general the bed in such a union is clearly not the place where emotional closeness happens.

The Girl-Dog will suspect in time that something has gone wrong and will be looking for new ways to satisfy his faithful, but this will be even more embarrassing. In such conditions, relaxing is quite problematic, and delivering pleasure to your loved one and getting it yourself is something from the realm of fantasy.

Recommendations on how to save the situation

It is clear that an extravagant dragon-man and a practical dog-girl will be able to get along with great difficulty. She will be annoyed because of the isolation of her spouse from real life, and he will consider that his blessed is too petty and mundane. As for their compatibility, it is very fragile, therefore, in order to create strong and stable relationships, both must work hard on themselves. Still, if between them there are real feelings, then really create a happy marriage. To do this, follow these tips:

  1. First of all, accept your soul mate as it is, do not seek to change it. Work on yourself, but perceive the shortcomings of a loved one with condescension.
  2. Get over the fact that you are too different from your partner. Therefore, take the inner world of your soulmate, learn to put yourself in his (her) place. Do not criticize each other and do not point out weaknesses (after all, they all have). Instead, show more sincere interest in the state of affairs at work, hobbies, and so on. Try to make your union more soulful and harmonious.

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