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How to learn to manage water: basic aspects of learning


Let's be honest, we all at least once wanted to learn to control at least one of the elements. Water, earth, air, and fire alike entice the opportunities offered by learning this type of magic. Imagine that the element is subject to you! How many things you can do interesting and useful! Do you think this is all just a dream?

But did you know that it is quite realistic to independently master this technique? We are sure that we did not even guess, but in this article we will try to explain to you what needs to be done to do this. Ready to master water management? Then read this stuff soon!

What should be considered at the beginning of water management training?

Any magic is a stress for the body, so be wary of everything that happens in this article. Starting training, you emotionally sign a contract with yourself, where you take all the responsibility for the actions committed. Possessing the elements is not a joke, so it is necessary to clearly realize that this choice will entail further developments in this vein.

The first difficulties of mastering the magic of water

  • First, you will face doubts, because not everyone can manage water. At this stage, the main thing is not to get lost and continue learning. Motivate yourself and succeed!
  • Further do not throw training. Skills are lost, and if the water feels your negligence, then in return do not expect loyalty!
  • Repeat the same exercise time after time. Element will appreciate your efforts and will surely respond with good.

How to learn to manage water?

Here we come to the main topic of the article. Ready to learn the basics of water management? Then feel free to read!

(For your convenience, we have placed the points in order. Therefore, we will start from the very foundations and move on to the larger one)


Yes, for water management, it is absolutely necessary. With it, you can more subtly feel your strength and apply them to the water. Amulet will be your ambassador to the world of understanding your element. To them you will open your way to the development of water magic.

Amulet can be made from which is convenient, but the most successful options from materials subjected to wetting. This could include wood and fabric. An amulet from the second material will most fully reveal your potential, and the fact that you made it yourself will make the element draw attention to you as the future owner.

Do not forget that water is not given into your hands, it only allows you to manage it. If you become arrogant and cease to inspire confidence in the elements, you can forget about further magic. Water is very sensitive, it is impossible to hide something from it.

It is also worth considering that the element will be subject only to the crystal clear human soul. If you have created a lot of evil in life, then do not expect submission from the water element. She has to merge with you, but she obviously does not want to take so much dirt. Do not forget about it!


After the amulet should follow the order of conspiracies. This is a specific phrase or a few phrases that should show the elements all your desire to become one with it.

There is nothing wrong, you just need one source of water. At least once a week, come to him and say the following: “Water, please, feel me! I want to learn to control you and use it only for good! Please give me a chance, I need it more than ever! ”. After that, you can bow to the water. Everything is ready, you have shown your respect. To improve the result, you can engage in meditation near the water.


Adjust the movement of water with slow and smooth movements. At first it can be the slightest fluctuations. Do not worry, soon everything will be. Try to move the water in space. If you do everything right, then it should quietly hang in front of your face.

Increase the speed of movement of water. The faster - the higher the level of your skill. The final stage will be the speed at which the water chops the tree, but it will take time.

Final part

At the end you are obliged to conduct the rite of connection with water. This is best done in the bathroom or near the pond. Sit at a shallow depth so that the water covers the body just above the waist and talk to the water. It would seem that the invented answers will be the words of water, because in this way she talks to those who have mastered her. Be courteous and polite.

In response, water should instruct us to go the way of peace and good. If you listen to her, you will soon become a master of the magic of water! Do not try to break a promise, because your ability is at stake!


So you learned how to learn to manage water. This method of mastering the magic of water will allow you to do this. Consider that everything does not happen just like that, therefore at the end of the article we decided to give some motivating tips:

  • Do not back down! Desire always seems distant, although it is very close. Do not be afraid to fight for your happiness. A little more and everything will turn out!
  • Do not be afraid to stumble! Yes, throughout the journey you will surely fall, but any fall means another climb. Let it happen and go on!
  • Do not wait for everything at once! The result - the fruit of effort and time spent on training. Wait and believe - then everything will work out for sure!
  • Do not listen to anyone! Believe only in yourself, because others may have a completely different opinion. All ridicule and sidelong glances are just an excuse to act harder. Do not lose hope, because everything will work out for you!

That's all! We hope we helped you to learn and understand the main aspects of learning the magic of water! We believe in you! You will succeed!