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What does an eight-pointed star or octogram mean


The eight-pointed star or octogram is found in many religions and esoteric currents. This symbol is associated with cosmic balance, creation and eternity, the harmony between spirit and matter. An eight-pointed star is obtained by combining two quadrilaterals, rotated 45 degrees relative to each other. What symbolism does an eight-pointed star have in mystical teachings and religions? Consider in detail all the values.

Octogram symbolism

If you look closely at the image of an eight-pointed star, you can see two cross-centered or two overlaid squares. The cross bears the symbolism of the universal balance and harmony of the elements. The square at all times expressed balance, proportionality and stability. The number 4, the number of corners of a square, contains the divine order in the structure of the universe.

If you look at the symbol from the point of view of numerology, then the number 8 expresses infinity. The universe is infinitely created and returns to its original state of non-manifestation. Thus, the eight is an expression of the continuous circulation of cosmic energy.

In Orthodoxy, the octogram is called the Star of Bethlehem and is depicted on icons with the image of the Virgin Mary. It was this star who pointed the way to the Magi, who came to worship the newborn Christ. Here we can also see the combination of the spiritual with the material in complete harmony and perfection.

An octagonal star can be depicted on the coats of arms and even flags of some countries, for example, on the flag of the United Kingdom and the Philippines. In the Middle Ages, the octogram was a symbol of many Knightly Orders, this symbol is also depicted on some Russian orders.

The history of Bethlehem star

Initially, the Bethlehem star was depicted with five rays, which was symbolically associated with five wounds on the body of the Savior. Also, the number 5 expresses the human nature of Christ and is associated with the five senses. However, in the Middle Ages, the five-pointed star turned upside down became a symbol of Satanism and the denial of the divine, which put a shadow on this symbol.

Satanism used the symbol of Christ's rebirth (inverted pentagram) for indecent purposes, so the pentagram was replaced first with a seven-pointed star, and then with an eight-pointed star. Currently, the 8th final star is present on many icons with the Virgin and Child and is called the Star of the Virgin, the Bethlehem or Christmas Star.

The Orthodox tradition defines the following meaning of an eight-pointed star:

  • eternity;
  • the symbol of paradise;
  • going beyond the material world;
  • the symbol of the heavenly Jerusalem;
  • sign of the ultimate transfiguration of human nature.

The meaning of the sign of the eight-pointed star as a symbol of the creation of the world and eternal life is interesting. The seven rays are the 7 days of creation, and the eighth ray is the spiritual world.

In the understanding of Christians, the eight-pointed star is a guide, and also reminds of the relationship between the spiritual and the material. Every believer should remember that the material is perishable, and the spiritual - forever. It is also important to realize that a believer should be a guiding star for non-believers and point the way to the truth.

Star of chaos

In the twentieth century in the occult world a new direction appeared - the magic of chaos. Among the magicians of chaos, an eight-pointed star is most popular. Despite the fact that this character was described in his book by science fiction writer Michael Murcock, the eight-rayed amulet has become widespread in magic circles.

The amulet is used in magical rites, it develops clairvoyance, expands consciousness and is used as a guardian in astral travels. This is an essential artifact of those who have dedicated themselves to magical art.

The octagonal star helps:

  • concentration of attention;
  • develop creative skills;
  • improve communication skills;
  • develop the determination of character;
  • develop independence and dedication;
  • become the master of your destiny;
  • overcome obstacles;
  • achieve the goal;
  • find inner harmony.

Also, this amulet helps to get rid of negative programs, protect yourself from alien energies and restore the balance of energies.