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Monkey and Rat compatibility - controversial alliance


Compatibility of Monkey and Rat is quite controversial. In the relations of people born under these signs, there will be a lot of conflicts and disagreements, it is difficult for them to get along together. Is there any chance of such a union? We will understand.

general characteristics

Astrologers believe that the compatibility of the union of the Rat and Monkey is very controversial. It is not known how fate will develop in this relationship. Chances are 50 to 50 - they can live together for a long time, happily, and quickly part, full of frustration and resentment.

Common features of such a union are as follows:

  1. Ambient will consider them quite happy and harmonious couple. But this is only because the partners do not wash dirty linen in public. In fact, in their family, there can be complete disadvantage, known only to two of them.
  2. Both are curious and inquisitive, they are interested in everything in the world. It is this quality in the first stages that keeps them together.
  3. Feel very good emotions partner. Therefore, there is every chance to quickly establish mutual understanding, if both try, stop pulling the blanket over themselves and think about how to make the chosen one better.
  4. They do not like to spend time constantly only together. It is important for them to be in the company of friends, to engage in active recreation and have a lot of fun.
  5. The rat is not accustomed to one hundred percent to be given to a partner and his feelings. First of all, own needs and interests are important for it. She is able to quickly make a decision about a break and not worry too much about it. She will never completely dissolve in a relationship.
  6. The monkey is also a self nature. Relationship for her, first of all, is a game. She doesn’t take seriously feelings, therefore she also stops the relationship without any special moral losses, if they cease to organize her.
  7. Their couple can not be called a union, they are not accustomed to care and solve problems partner. Both are egoists, the preferred format for relationships is without obligation and guest marriages. They are not attached to each other.
  8. For both, it is important to make a favorable external impression. This will be taken care first of all so that public opinion is left alone. But they will not take care of the preservation of feelings.

Such characters and attitudes towards each other sooner or later can lead to total disappointment.

Rat and Monkey

This alliance may be favorable, but not in all cases.

What is characteristic of a pair of male Rat and female Monkey:

  1. The man is endowed with great strength of will and courage. He will become a protector who will protect his family from all sorts of troubles and problems. He is responsible for material well-being, seeks to provide himself and the second half with everything necessary.
  2. He was used to always achieve goals. But they are usually not too ambitious, this is a “middling” who has everything stable, but he also doesn’t achieve great success. But the location of the chosen one is required, using any means. It can be a very obsessive gentleman.
  3. A man used to easily achieve the location of the opposite sex. Girls like it, but not all, but only those whose requests are small. It is with them that he can feel like a leader and head of the family.
  4. At first, the Monkey Girl seems to him a simple, frivolous, easy prey. Time will tell that this is far from the case. She is smart enough, can manipulate and get all the trick.
  5. If she falls in love strongly, sincerely and truly, then she does not hold back feelings and emotions. She can become an excellent hostess, mother and wife, a true keeper of the home.
  6. She gets along well with children, because she herself always remains a child in her soul. Children are drawn to her, and she willingly participates in their games and entertainment.
  7. Partners in a relationship balance each other, can develop together, and usually do not attach much importance to the disadvantages of the second half. If paired with other characters girl becomes too frivolous, then with the Rat, she is more disciplined.
  8. For the proposal of the hand and heart is usually not worth it. The man does not delay with this matter, and the woman happily agrees to start a family and marry him.
  9. On the basis of domestic conflicts almost never happens. A man willingly helps around the house, always happy to sit with the children, cook dinner or tidy up. The main thing is that the wife does not show her dissatisfaction with this, and was sincerely grateful.
  10. This is a union of two equal partners, they equally share household responsibilities and make an equal contribution to the family budget. And children for them - a sign of family happiness. Often it is the child who keeps the union from breaking.
  11. A man’s sense of humor saves a couple of rifts and conflicts.

In principle, they can build a prosperous and strong relationship. How fate will be, only time will tell.

Female Rat and male Ape

This version of the union has less favorable compatibility. Enormous efforts will be required so that partners can maintain the relationship.

What is characteristic of such a union:

  1. Partners will often argue, defending their own points of view. They are not always ready to find a compromise, they can endlessly quarrel.
  2. The man is more active. He is sociable, positively looks at life, in any, even the most problematic situation, he finds his advantages.
  3. He is able to build a happy relationship with almost any woman, but not everyone is ready to respond to him in return. Usually he does not enjoy success with the opposite sex.
  4. Before meeting with his second half, he can turn the novels simultaneously with several women. Sooner or later, the secret becomes clear, but it does not sadden him too much and upsets him.
  5. At the beginning of a relationship with the Rat, he also does not make serious plans. But it is she who will be able to fall in love with him and make him think about marriage. With time, he can fall in love sincerely and truly.
  6. The girl attracts him by no means a bright appearance. She charms with her manners, intellect, inner peace and deep wisdom.
  7. He can become the head of the family and completely subordinate the chosen one to his will. She truly loves him and will be grateful for a good attitude.

Surprisingly, the secret of the strength of such a union - in the novels, men are on the side. Easy intrigues will help not to get bored and to keep love to the chosen one.