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Preparing for confession and communion: what to do and what prayers to read


I am a very happy man! My grandmother, who was born in the 19th century, was a very religious person, which she gave to her grandchildren, that is, to me and my sisters. We received communion from infancy. Yes, then the school began ...

Soviet times, the catacomb church. We passed through the Komsomol, and through the pioneers, it all happened. But the seed was thrown, and later it sprang up: after finishing school, we all returned to the temple. And here is the first CONSCIOUS Communion. That which turned all life and gave joy.

The real, incomparable joy. Of course, much had to be studied anew, because it is necessary to prepare for Communion. Not only to seriously prepare. How? I will try to tell in general.

Communion, the Eucharist - the greatest sacrament on earth, commanded to us by God Himself. At the Last Supper, gathering His disciples together, the Lord spoke these words for the first time, "Drink from her all, for this is My blood of the new covenant ...." Thus the sacrament of the Eucharist was established.

This sacrament is preceded by confession, without which only babies, that is, children under 7 years old, are allowed to approach the Communion.


Confession is also a sacrament, and significant. At confession, the soul is purified, the Lord "erases" all the confessed sins of repentant. Not a priest, but the Lord Himself. But this is not enough. If a person confesses as he should, that is, realizing his sinful nature, he will acquire a "great understanding", his soul will be cleansed and, as if born again.

That is why one should confess as often as possible, which cannot be said about Communion. Special training is required here. For this, the "Rule of preparation for the Participle" is established. Without this rule, approaching Communion is not just undesirable, but truly scary and unacceptable. That is why careful preparation is necessary.

Communion unites man with God

Communion is God's mercy; Communion is the union of man with God. On the ground, no one deserves it by and large, not even the clergy. Efrem Sirin once remarked: "I am afraid to take communion as unworthy, but I am even more afraid to remain without communion, so as not to die." Yes, they are not worthy, but without Communion a person will die.

The practice of preparing for the sacrament

Preparing for Communion includes three main points:

  • Whistling
  • Confession,
  • Reading the rules of Communion.

Today, not all requirements are fully implemented. The tendency to this appeared only in the XXI century, as well as the practice of frequent Communion. Many churches now bless to take communion every Sunday, which was not there before. Monks? Yes, but not the laity.

How to commune before

Every Sunday they took communion only with a special blessing (Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich received communion 3 times a week). They talked for at least 3 days. Today it is allowed to cook only on the eve of the Communion. About the reasons you can talk a lot and for a long time.

Someone explains this by the fact that in antiquity, Christians received communion daily. But they lived differently and prayed without ceasing. But not for us to judge. Let's talk about what rule has been established for those who wish to partake of the holy fathers.

The ghost

Speaking on the eve of Communion is not just a post, it is a very strict post, which includes not only abstaining from food and drinking (excluding everything that is precarious), but also refraining from intercourse, idleness, etc. often reflects on life and death and, of course, as often as possible turns to prayer to God.

Stay awake

If possible, every day should attend the temple, to participate in worship. All this should be done in secret, that is, not to be a Pharisee, then the spirit becomes more sensitive, a feeling of repentance appears.

The flesh is weak, but the spirit is vigorous. Days should be especially attentive; whenever possible, it is better to write down all your sins, since it is human nature to forget about them, and then, like the sand of the sea, you cannot collect your sins.

After 00.00. hours, you can not eat anything, is unacceptable and drink. If, through carelessness, you take a sip of water, confess this in the morning, whether the priest bless to take communion. It is often admitted if it was done unconsciously.


It is always necessary to be ready for confession, and especially before the Communion. You can confess the night before or on the day of Holy Communion. It is logical that on the day of Holy Communion it is better to approach confession, because we sin every moment of our life.

One cannot approach Communion without confession. At the end of confession, the priest blesses (or does not bless) the Communion.

Before embarking on the sacrament, consider the importance of the moment. Read, listen, do not be afraid to ask questions! It is very important.

The Rule of Communion

The Rule of Communion begins with the reading of 3 canons of penance. It is necessary to read them in the evening:

  • Our Lord Jesus Christ,
  • Mother of God,
  • Guardian Angel.

Some, after reading the canons, read the Akathist to Jesus the Sweetest, from which they are greatly benefited.

After the evening prayer rule, the Rule of Communion is read directly, which begins with the Psalms and the canon of Communion. The main part (selected prayers of the holy fathers) is better to read in the morning, after the morning rule, but it is acceptable in the evening. In the temple, before Communion, selected prayers are read.

Communion babies

When we take communion, we take communion of our children, which is also responsible. Infants cannot (and should not) do what adults are supposed to do. Although, before the communion, if the baby has already grown up, it should not be fed and watered the day before, let him take the Communion as it should be.

Preparing Parents and Receivers for Communion of Babies

Yes, the baby is exempted from careful preparation because of its age, but parents and successors are not exempted from it. He cannot prepare, let his mother prepare (or he who leads him to Communion).

Even if the mother herself does not take communion, she should try to fulfill the full rule of preparation. This will be a responsibility, and, of course, will return to parents and baby a hundredfold.


It is necessary to approach the Communion with a full sense of unworthiness and a prayer for cleansing, strengthening, etc. With prayer not for temporary benefits, but for the future, here we are just a moment, there we will be eternity, the earthly "flows fast."

To find repentance is not so easy, it is necessary to pray. May God give us our repentance on earth at least a beginning. Sometimes it can take the whole earthly life.