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Prayers about marriage and personal life: to whom and how to pray to get married


I have a happy, strong family in which two kids grow up. The husband is caring and understanding, with him connects me not only joint life, but also the general spiritual life. Some of my friends think that I was just lucky, but this is far from it: the prayer for marriage helped me.

After my first marriage collapsed as a student, I felt a great deal of frustration and pain - I could not understand how the strong love that once bound me and my first husband could disappear without a trace, and can I even trust men? .

I chose the path of prayer - and God helped me through the prayers of the saints, to whom I turned for help: after a couple of months at a birthday party at a colleague, I met my future husband.

Love did not come right away: for a long time we communicated as good friends, shared our thoughts and feelings with each other, and then realized that together we were very good. God heard my prayers. But most importantly, thanks to prayer, I realized what kind of person can make up my happiness.

Prayer work has changed me, I realized that I myself must become more responsible and loving. Also, the prayer helped me realize my mistakes in my first marriage, I realized that I must accept with humility the lessons that God sends me.

I will share information with which saints I turned for help in finding the second half, and how I prayed.

Great help from the Virgin Mary

To pray to bring the wedding day closer? First of all, about a happy marriage should offer prayers to the Virgin. The Mother of God always seeks to help pure souls find love and does everything so that two true believers can create a family and be happy in marriage.

It is better to perform a prayer before the image of the Blessed Virgin. Most often it is recommended to contact the Mother of God with a request for a quick wedding in front of the icons "Kozelshchanskaya" and "Fadeless Color".

I want to warn you: the prayer about marriage and personal life should not be self-serving. You ask the Mother of God for help in finding a loved one with whom you share both joy and sorrow. Marriage is a union of two hearts, not a way to solve material problems.

Also, do not ask about marriage with a married man. I recommend you read prayers with a sense of responsibility and the role of the wife. Express your love to the Virgin Mary, tell her about your sorrows, and at the end of the prayer, be sure to thank.

What saint need to pray

A prayer to get married can be lifted to those saints to whom your heart lies. Any of the saints revered in the Orthodox Church can come to the rescue and support you during the search for the second half, to bring the time of marriage or marriage closer.

Traditionally, hearts are joined by Ksenia of Petersburg, Nicholas the Wonderworker, Matron of Moscow, as well as Peter and Fevronia.

According to the life of St. Nicholas, he helped the sisters without money, and they were able to get married successfully. Since then, many girls who have financial or other problems rush to share their sorrows with Nicholas the Wonderworker, and the Wonderworker helps every pure soul.

Matrona Moskovskaya is known for responding to any request of true believers: she healed any pain, including pain associated with loneliness. Matronushka pray as very young girls, and divorced women, and the saint helps everyone.

The prayer appeal to saints Peter and Fevronia is also considered effective - they are the patrons of marriage, so prayer addressed to them can contribute to the soonest meeting with the person you love.

The patroness of women is St. Paraskeva. She comes to the aid of young, inexperienced girls, because she herself had made a vow of virginity and purity during mortality. St. Paraskeva will help those who are not able to understand the complexities of mortal life and can be hooked by seducers or irresponsible men.

It is important not just to get married at any cost and soon file for divorce, but to find a soul mate, create a union for life. This is where the help of St. Paraskeva is invaluable.

Key recommendations for those seeking intercession from the Higher Forces

It is known that most of the recommendations on prayers are popular, they mix faith and superstition. Sometimes you can hear the recommendations regarding the number of candles or prayer time (for example, at dawn). In fact, all this does not matter. The main thing is your faith and your love with God.

Many are interested in the view of the church itself on the possibility of a prayer for love and marriage. The answer of the priest is: prayer is a direct path to God. When we pray, we become cleaner and better, more deeply aware of our sins. Such requests inspire hope in the heart of man.

It is easier for a person who is not burdened with sins to achieve everything in life that he dreams of, including gaining love. Therefore, prayer can really help you find a loved one. It is extremely important that you treat prayer not as a kind of magic, but as an opportunity to change yourself, to accept the God, to recognize the mistakes of the past.

Strong prayer is first of all your attitude and faith in God, not just the text. You can pray in your own words, as long as your message is sincere and your thoughts are clear.

If you have a close friend, sister or other relative who sincerely wants to help you, then she can also pray that you find your soulmate. The conversion of loved ones strengthens your prayer.