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Women's and men's name day in November


In this article I will tell you who celebrates birthday in November, and I will share why it is so important to choose the right spiritual name for a child. Not once noticed that it has a tremendous effect on the whole future life of a person, because, choosing the day of the angel according to the calendar, we choose a patron.

What is angel's day

The day of the angel, or name-day - is the day of the memory of the saint, in whose honor the newborn was named. Even if the passport has a secular name, during the baptismal rite, the priest will give your baby the name indicated in the calendar.

A saint whose name was named man will be his patron throughout his life. That he will affect the future life of all.

Saints are different in their "rank", depending on their spiritual feat:

  1. Prophets - people who during their lifetime predicted the future, warned of impending disasters and catastrophes. They prophesied the coming of Jesus, his salvation and death. They lived before the elect of God appeared on earth.
  2. Apostles and Equal-to-the-Apostles are the approximate and disciples of Christ who carried the Christian faith to the people. They, according to the Bible, played the biggest role in the spread of Christianity, by preaching sermons.
  3. Martyrs and great martyrs - as the name implies, these saints had to endure many trials and torments because of their faith in God. They were tortured, killed, executed, but they remained unshakable in their faith.
  4. The saints are bishops who deserve the title of saints, thanks to their sinless, righteous life and sincere faith.
  5. The monks are hermits, people who are distant from everything worldly. We spent our days in a hermitage, in prayers, and cursed austerity.
  6. The righteous are family people who lived according to God's commandments and led a godly life.
  7. The forefathers are the progenitors of the whole human race.
  8. Freemen - people who brought healing to others helped without demanding payment for their work.
  9. Holy fools or blissful - those who served Christ, but with their actions in life deserved the title of the insane, the insane, although in fact their behavior was full of deep faith.

Why choose a name according to the church calendar?

Why does the name for a child need to be chosen according to the church calendar? Isn't it easier to name the baby the way you like it? The choice, of course, is yours, but you should know that the name affects the whole future life of a person. Depending on him, character and even temperament is formed.

Previously, the name for the newborn chose a priest. It was believed that the church name gives a person the powerful protection of his guardian angel. The name of the saint appointed to the child determined his fate. He will be the patron saint, and the name day will be the day of memory of the spiritual achievement of this saint.

You can also choose two names for a son or daughter. The first, secular, will be indicated in the passport, and it is under your baby that this world will remember. The second, the church, will become a spiritual name, a symbol of baptism in the church.

Women's name day in November 2018

In November 2018, the day of the angel is celebrated for 35 female names. See the figure below for the complete list.

Men's name day in November 2018

The list of 93 male names for the calendar, which celebrate the name in November:

How to determine the day of the birthday

How to determine your name day, if there are several saints with such a name in the church calendar? It's very simple - you need to find the nearest name to your date of birth. For example, if you were born on November 25, and your name is Anna, then your Angel Day is celebrated on the third of December (the first holy Anna, marked in the calendar after your birthday).

Important points:

  • If you were baptized before the 21st century (before the year 2000), then the name of the saint must be chosen from those who were glorified before the year 2000.
  • If your name is not in the church calendar, then you need to choose what is closest in sound. For example: Angelica - Angelina, Lily - Lia.
  • On Angel's Day, it is advisable to come to church, go through the rites of confession and communion. If the name day fell on the post, then you need to celebrate the holiday later, when it ends.


Over the centuries, our ancestors noticed and remembered how the name that the child was named for influences his fate.

What do folk traditions and omens say:

  1. If you call the child by the name of a relative, he will more closely feel his belonging to your kin, family. It will be as if under invisible protection, always safe and under the auspices of the whole clan system. It does not matter whether the relative is alive or has already departed to another world. The world for the baby will be a happy and peaceful place.
  2. But it is undesirable to name the baby in honor of the relative, if the family is not very warm relationship. No need to impose on their children names for grandchildren, by tradition. The person forcibly named in this case will not live well. Can not be realized in life, will not be sure of himself and deprived of a sense of responsibility.
  3. If the name is chosen randomly, then communication with the genus will be minimal. A person will have many opportunities for realization during his lifetime, but he will not feel the support of the family. And the person who chose the name will have the most impact on his life.
  4. If the baby is named after his parents, he will become responsible for the transfer of family traditions and values ​​from generation to generation. It also obliges him to "fit" the parents, to continue their path instead of choosing their own.

To refer to the choice of the name should be with full responsibility. It has an incredibly strong effect on all events that occur in a person’s life. Often you can hear stories about how someone changed the name in the passport, and radically changed their fate.