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The All-Seeing Eye Icon: Its Meaning, Scope


The icon "All-Seeing Eye" acts as a symbolic and allegorical composition on the words of the Holy Scripture, saying about the vigilantly all-seeing and omniscient Christ.

The initial appearance of the picture of the All-Seeing Eye, enclosed in the figure of a triangle, appears from the end of the eighteenth - the first part of the nineteenth century. In later versions of Christian iconography (most of the Old Believers) you can meet the face of the "All-Seeing Eye of God." In this article I will reveal to you the history of the appearance of the icon, as well as its sacred symbolic meaning.

Mystery of the famous All-Seeing Eye

The symbol of the All-Seeing Eye is depicted as prisoners in an isosceles triangle, from which bright rays diverge to the sides. The eye serves as the personification of the enlightenment of consciousness, understanding of higher matters, as well as close and eternal observation of man by higher entities.

If we consider the Eye from the position of Freemasonry, then it is a point that does not have a certain size, but is everywhere in space. For adherents of the Masonic teachings, this symbol is perceived as the attention of the Higher Power to everything in general and separately to each of the adherents of a secret organization.

Masonic symbolism is very multifaceted, it consists of many symbols, among which the eye is the holy Absolute, the perfect structure of all vital. And the rays, which diverge in different directions, are associated with the fog that hides the earth from the sight of the Most High.

There are several options for interpreting this symbol:

  • personifies the Sun, Higher Mind, cosmic harmony;
  • symbolizes the ability to clairvoyance, the ability to see what ordinary people are not able to see;
  • the embodiment of all solar deities who have life-giving solar energy;
  • the perception of the Almighty as a source of light for the soul of man.

History of the icon

This sacred image is a clear example of the likely popularization of folk art in religious life throughout its existence. Although the icon of the All-Seeing Eye is a rather ambiguous symbol, it is nonetheless very popular among Orthodox people.

Initially, the picture originated in the Vladimir land, where it was created by the hands of local masters in the style and tradition of Vladimir icon painting (at least these were the first variations of the icon).

Gamma performance - ocher tone typical of the region. And the main distinctive feature of the icon is its simplicity with the simultaneous attractiveness of the composition. The difficulty of perception lies in a large number of different symbols depicted on the face. The icon of the All-Seeing Eye of God has an excellent concept from traditional canonical iconography, but also gives all the keys in a different way, revealing their sacred meaning.

In addition, it appears quite a young way, whose age does not exceed three hundred years - that is, it is a remake. The creation of the icon falls on the sunset of the traditional Russian icon painting, probably for this reason the "All-Seeing Eye" is filled with such an ambiguous at first sight, conceptual author's intention.

As you probably already understood, the All-Seeing Eye is not just a Christian symbol. The eye depicted drawn in an equilateral triangle (radiant delta) is the emblem of masons. It is associated with hidden truth, wisdom and conscience, the root cause of everything in our world, triumph over evil forces, and also acts as the personification of the Great Architect of the Universe - the supreme entity that created our galaxy.

Also, a similar symbol can be found in the origins of ancient Egyptian culture. The inhabitants of ancient Egypt, the All-Seeing Eye was personified with vital energy, fertility and royal power.

Interesting fact! As a rule, the clergy express a rather skeptical attitude to this face because of its mysticism, which, however, did not at all reduce the popularity of the icon among Orthodox believers.

What does the All-Seeing Eye Icon Mean?

The image of such a shrine is multi-faceted, so if you want to get maximum information about the icon, please be patient.

In the central part we can observe the face of Savior Emmanuel - the young Son of God blessing people. In some cases, he holds the Gospel in his left hand, in which the following phrase is written on Church Slavonic script: "Come to me, everyone who needs me."

From the circle in which Jesus is depicted, four beams of a triangular cross-section extend diagonally. They can touch the outer halo or go beyond its borders and end with tetramorph (small faces of the Apostle Matthew, Mark, John and Luke). In the majority of cases, followers of Christ are depicted in the form of allegorical images, like an angel, a lion, a calf and an eagle, and are indicated with the help of corresponding caption signatures.

The next circle (scarlet) is an image of the eyes, nose and lips - a symbol of the Creator's constant presence in the life of the Orthodox laity, and also his sincere desire and desire to take care of every sinner. It was this circle that caused the icon to receive its name. Above this part there is an inscription: "Coal Isaiah manifest, the sun from the Maiden's womb will shine in tme to the erring prudent." Above is depicted the face of the Holy Virgin Mary, who took upon himself the hypostasis of Oranta, who prays.

Behind this circle we can observe the presence of a green (in some cases, dark red ring) dotted with a large number of stars. The ring is the personification of God's grace that descended on the believers after Jesus sacrificed himself. A reminder of this - a statement from the Gospel of Luke, which are inscribed on the rim: "My soul magnifies the Lord; and my spirit of God, my Savior, rejoiced, it was that it gazed upon the humility of its servant.

The outer ring (dark blue or scarlet) depicts seraphimchik with six wings. It is a symbol of the monastery, where saints and righteous men praising the Creator found eternal rest.

Angelic beings with a great sense of joy and trepidation look at Savaof, who is depicted in the halo below. The Creator himself is drawn with outstretched hands, as if he seeks to embrace and press everyone who draws attention to the relic to his chest. In some versions of the icon, the image of the Creator is decorated with the help of clouds and a rainbow, and on his chest a snow-white dove is depicted - an emblem of the Holy Spirit, who visited the Virgin Mary.

Of course, the perception of such a complex pattern is not immediately given - it is necessary to engage in its gradual and very detailed study, concentrating on each of the symbols depicted. But due to the created unusual presentation of the icon, it becomes even more important - as if the Savior enlightens our entire Earth, giving a vow to protect and protect Orthodox people for as long as it takes.

However, he also closely monitors the actions of all people and manifests fair condemnation towards them.

When do they turn to this icon?

So, the most interesting question is when is it worth reading prayers in front of the icon of the "All-Seeing Eye"?

This image is completely universal, having no limits in the requests, since man is not able to impose restrictions on God, who created and controls everything on our planet. God has unlimited power: he is able to eliminate failure from a person’s life, give him health, vigor, and also help to fulfill his innermost desires.

As a result, absolutely any prayers and petitions that disturb your soul can be read before this icon.

Icon "All-seeing Eye" will help in a number of situations:

  • protect from the adverse effects of the evil eye;
  • will contribute to the discovery and manifestation of hidden opportunities and talents of the individual;
  • heal from blindness, normalizes vision;
  • save from various sorrows, worries and pathologies;
  • helps a person to keep from committing sin;
  • slow down sinful thoughts in the brain;
  • for sinful people - helps strengthen their faith;
  • parents with the help of this face become wiser in raising babies;
  • and yet the icon will contribute to making the right decisions, both spiritual and carnal.

But do not forget that God is not Santa Claus or a magic wand, he will not fulfill absolutely all your whims and whims. And icons do not refer to magical items, like a genie lamp. They are only intended to set up a person for the right wave and help purify the mind, which adds greater sincerity to prayers.

Where it is recommended to hang the icon, how to pray

As mentioned above, the described image in infrequent cases is found in the church, which is influenced by its ambiguity and uncanonicality, as a result of which the icon is not in demand by most clergymen.

Despite this, the original “All-Seeing Eye” face was used as a decorative element that decorated the walls, domes and plus it was used as a temple painting. Until today, it can be seen in such places in churches dating back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and more modern churches no longer use such painting. Over time, this face began to emerge as a full-fledged image on iconostasis in churches and dwellings.

Useful recommendation! The described image can be bought in your personal iconostasis from collectors (now we are talking about older versions of the paintings) or in a specialized shop.

Pay attention to the fact that the acquisition of such an icon is allowed only in those situations where both body and soul sincerely yearns for it. Most believers are in doubt on this issue, and besides, the higher clergy also cannot unambiguously answer the question: “When is the acquisition of an icon allowed?”.

When the purchase has already been made, you need to be puzzled by the correct placement of the icon among other images.

In ancient times, all the icons were traditionally placed in a special "red corner", which was located on the east side of the house, always in a well-lit place. At the moment, this angle is no longer there, but the icons still advise placing it exactly along the eastern walls in those areas where there is sufficiently good lighting. Of course, this is done only when there is an opportunity.

Try to keep the icons as far as possible from items of technology (televisions, radios, computers), as well as bookshelves. On the shelf with icons should be exclusively icons, refuse to place on it any foreign objects (paintings, decorative items, shelves with books, and so on). The option of decorating this place with the help of flowers or hand-made towels is allowed.

On the open shelves it is allowed to place lamps in which candles are lit in the process of making prayers. On the central place in the iconostasis should be placed the images of Jesus Christ and the Mother of God. It is important that they are large enough. And from the sides it is possible to place other icons as desired by the owners (images of saints, angelic beings, and so on).

A prerequisite for the iconostasis is that you should not be distracted from prayers.

Along with other images, place the icon of the "All-Seeing Eye". It should be noted right away that there are no special prayers for her, but this does not mean at all that you cannot express your sincere prayer with the help of ordinary words coming from your heart and soul. Just talk to the Almighty, tell him about your problems that torment you and ask him to help you. If your request is sincere - it will certainly be heard.

Now you know the meaning of the icon of the All-Seeing Eye, as well as what it helps. At the end of the topic we recommend you to watch an interesting video material: