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Independent lighting of the apartment: the rules and features of the ritual


Every believer knows that in order to live safely in an apartment, it must be consecrated. This ritual allows you to clear the room of negative energy and otherworldly entities, as well as protect it from diabolical forces and magical influences. Recently, strange things began to happen in my house that defy logical explanation, so I decided to take active measures. In this article I will tell you how to consecrate an apartment on your own, and when you need to do it.

Why bless the apartment?

Every person is a sinner, and sometimes he himself does not even suspect it. All his words, deeds and thoughts on the energy level are reflected in his apartment, because it is there that he spends most of his time. If joyful and pleasant events fill the space with favorable energy, then quarrels, swearing, assault, witchcraft, etc., are negative. In the first case, the house will reign grace, peace, prosperity, and in the second - poverty, oppression, cruelty and anger.

As you know, negative energy attracts devilry, so if you do not clean the apartment in time, then it will soon become a haven for otherworldly creatures. All of this will negatively affect those who live in a dirty house as follows:

  • feeling unwell;
  • the development of serious diseases;
  • mental disorder;
  • angry to others and lack of understanding;
  • the occurrence of addiction to alcohol and drugs;
  • desire to hurt someone;
  • thoughts and desire for suicide.

In addition, in an unclean housing it will be impossible to achieve well-being, even if its residents will make every effort for this. The only right decision in this situation will be the lighting of the dwelling, and for this it is not at all necessary to contact the priest - it will be enough to conduct the ceremony independently. But it should be noted that it will work only if all manipulations are carried out correctly. To avoid mistakes, you should carefully study the information on how to consecrate the apartment yourself, and also ask the priest for advice.

After the ritual of consecration, in the "clean" apartment will be able to live the holy spirit, which will protect its space and residents from the negative and evil entities. Positive changes will be noticeable almost immediately. Residents will feel some lightness on the emotional and spiritual level, which will affect their behavior and attitude to each other. But it is important to understand that God's protection can be lost again if you continue to sin and lead an unrighteous lifestyle.

How to recognize a "dirty" house?

As a rule, people come to understand that their apartment needs cleaning only when it becomes unbearable. This is explained by the fact that the negative accumulates gradually, and its manifestations are not immediately noticeable. But still there are a number of signs that make it easy to recognize "unclean" housing:

  • frequent feasts with drinking alcohol;
  • storage or use of narcotic substances;
  • constant scandals and the use of obscene language;
  • assault and violence;
  • sexual debauchery;
  • witchcraft;
  • paranormal activity;
  • strange sounds and voices are heard;
  • the presence of a large number of insect pests, the fight against which does not give results;
  • often breaks down appliances;
  • things disappear;
  • homelessly die or run away and do not want to return.

The presence of even a few of the above signs indicates that it is necessary to clean the premises from the negative. To further the situation did not repeat, it is recommended to carry out rituals with a certain frequency, for example, 2 times a year.

It should be noted that when you change your place of residence, you should also “clean” a new apartment, because it is not known what happened in it before. And it should be done before the furniture is brought in. Knowing how to consecrate a house by yourself, you can choose the most convenient time for yourself so that nothing and no one interferes with the ritual.

House lighting rules

For the ritual of the purification of housing must be properly prepared. The clergy recommend first to take the sacrament, and to all family members living in the apartment. Then, buy church candles and holy water. Upon returning home, you should start cleaning - all the rubbish and unnecessary things are being taken out of the premises, wiping the floors, washing the floors and windows. Dirty clothes must be washed in advance so that on the day of the ritual they are already dry and neatly folded in place.

There must be icons in the house, and it is advisable to take a separate corner for them. If there are none, then they should be bought in the church, while the change should be left as a donation. You can also buy icons in the store, but in this case they will need to be consecrated in the church, otherwise they will not have any power.

A person who will perform a cleansing ritual must lead a correct life, not use abusive language and believe in God with all his heart. Immediately before you consecrate the apartment with holy water yourself, you need to pray and ask for help from the Almighty. Then proceed directly to the ceremony, performing alternate actions:

  1. Put one lit church candle in each room.
  2. Before the equipped iconostasis put 3 or more candles.
  3. Take the cup with holy water in your left hand and begin to walk around the apartment.
  4. The lighting of each room needs to start from the east corner and move clockwise.
  5. The right hand dipped in holy water, baptized the corners and walls of the premises.
  6. During the tour they pray the prayer, "May God rise again," "Our Father," or psalm 90.
  7. After completing the bypass the candles can not be extinguished, they must burn themselves out.

It is best to perform a cleansing ritual on Sunday or Thursday, but on Friday it is not worth doing. It should also be remembered that such an important matter can be started only in a good mood, with a positive attitude and complete self-confidence. After the apartment was consecrated independently with holy water, all residents should pray, and only after that you can cross the threshold.

In order for a dwelling to remain under divine protection, its owners must constantly maintain cleanliness, not make trouble, not utter swear words, get rid of bad habits and addictions. In addition, it is recommended to take as a rule the daily reading of the prayer and the expression of words of gratitude to the Lord. It is important for a person to understand that the well-being of a house depends on his soul and mind, therefore, one must begin the purification from oneself.