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What miracles can be done by Saint Sharbel


Saint Sharbel healing image - what is it and how can it help you in everyday life? And also, with what prayer to appeal to Saint Sharbel - you will learn about this and much more after reading this material.

Who is Saint Charbel

To answer this question, you first need to delve a little bit into history and recall the famous monk - Saint Father Charbel, who preached Christianity and lived in Lebanon. Mention of him has survived to this day, since the holy father during his lifetime performed a huge number of different miracles and continues to perform them to this day, even after more than a hundred years have passed since his physical death.

Saint Sharbel was a Maronite clergyman and monk. He was born in a poor Christian family in the city of Bekaa-Kafra (refers to northern Lebanon). When performing the rite of baptism, Sharbel was given a name in honor of St. Joseph. Upon reaching the age of 3 years, the boy lost his father and subsequently his uncle was engaged in his upbringing.

When he was twenty-three years old, he entered the monastery of St. Maron (Annaia). In the process of training in the seminary was under the mentorship of St. Nimattullah Kassab Al-Hardini. Sharbel gives his last vows in 1853, and since 1875 she has been engaged in leading hermit life.

Saint Sharbel leaves this world after a short illness on the eve of Christmas, December 24, 1898.

Wonders of Saint Charbel

Translated from the ancient Arabic language, the name "Sharbel" means "God. During his worldly life, Sharbel was able to perform more than 20,000 miracles in many countries of the world (Lebanon, Syria, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Germany, France, Africa and the United States of America).

Today, when medicine is at a fairly high level, all miracles of healing are subjected to intensive research, in the process of which the highest religious clergy, representatives of traditional medicine, geniuses and scientists participate. And when the facts of healing are confirmed - the healer receives a special honor, the Church officially gives him the title of saint. Such an honorary title was given to Father Sharbel in October 1977; from that point in time he is considered holy.

There are a huge number of stories about how the photo with Saint Sharbel helped in the shortest possible time to cope with a variety of pathologies.

So, one woman talks about how she once happened to be in the hospital, and with herself she took the image of Saint Sharbel, because she knew about its amazing properties. She mentions an amazing miracle when one of her roommates with long-sightedness began to apply the image of Charbel to the eye area and very soon was able to read on her own.

Another neighbor suffered after the injection - she had a lump on her arm. She also began to use a wonderful photo and after two days her education had resolved.

Another woman suffered from pains in her hand, so strong that she could not raise her arm by herself. She began to put a photo to the sore spot and the very next day she noted that she could calmly raise her hand, absolutely not feeling pain.

As evidence of miraculous healings at the museum dedicated to Saint Sharbel, people put out crutches, orthopedic shoes and tires. And the life-giving face continues its amazing mission of healing everyone who suffers, both from diseases of the physical body and from psychological disorders.

The monastery in the town of Annaya, in which the imperishable saints of the saint are buried, was visited by more than a million people from all over the globe. And many people were healed instantly, on the spot.

Scientific evidence of healing moshi image

Scientists became interested in the healing face and began to explore it, using special ultra-sensitive devices that can capture the flow of electromagnetic waves.

The measurements were carried out several times, but the final result was the same: the photo with Saint Sharbel began to emit the same frequencies that come from the medical equipment!

This can be considered nothing more than a real miracle: the experiments officially confirmed once more that the photo of the deceased saint actually heals people through the electromagnetic waves radiated by him.

How to work with a miraculous face? There is nothing too complicated. The sick person simply has to prepare the image of the Saint and begin to apply it regularly to his sore spots. This is done humbly, while you have to ask the saint about help.

It is important that your treatment is truly sincere and you need what you ask for.

When the session is completed - finally, be sure to express your sincere thanks to the Holy One even if you received only partial healing. After all, your illness can be quite serious, from which it is simply impossible to get rid of in one session.

Tips on how to properly apply the healing face of Saint Sharbel

The recommendations listed below are taken from letters and according to reviews of patients who had time to verify their experience in the miraculous power of the image.

  1. Apply the face of Charbel to a disturbing area of ​​your body for a period of thirty minutes to 2 hours, based on the discomfort that you feel. Some patients liked to fix the image on a sore point overnight.
  2. Sincere faith in the aid of Saint Sharbel is vital
  3. The same people should not use the same image, since pathologies often overlap each other.
  4. Sick people who had time to get help from Saint Charbel recommend that performing healing sessions in thoughts be sent to the Creator through the face of the Holy One and beg for relief. And then, from the bottom of my heart, thank both for help and healing.
  5. But putting the face of the Holy to the sick area, experiencing neglect and mockery at the same time is extremely unlikely to be helped. Only having a deep faith will be effective.
  6. In addition, many patients say that if you want to get help as quickly as possible, ask for an image to heal you immediately from just one of some diseases, even if there are actually a lot of them. First, eliminate one pathology, then pass on a couple of days, and only then take up the subsequent treatment.
  7. And most importantly - be patient. Remember that you can not immediately heal the disease. In some cases, relief may indeed come after twenty to thirty minutes of therapy, while in others it can be expected for hours or even days. Here everything is purely individual.

Therefore, if you really need help - sincerely believe in the miraculous power of Saint Sharbel, pray to him for the healing of your soul and body.

And how to pray correctly - the following video will tell you about it: