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Stone Sagittarius by date of birth and horoscope


Gemstones closely interact with the environment, exerting a vibratory effect on the person. If the vibrations coincide, the stones become helpers and amulets. How to determine the stone of Sagittarius, what is needed for this? Astrologers believe that gems should be chosen in accordance with the person’s zodiac character.

When my sister was presented with a pearl earring for her birthday, there were big troubles in her life. It turns out that pearls are incompatible with the Sagittarius temperament, no matter how beautiful and attractive this stone is. In the article I want to tell you briefly about each stone that suits Strelets Troops or brings them problems.

Patronage of Jupiter

The heavenly patron of Sagittarius is the planet Jupiter. To attract the energy of their patron Streltsy it is necessary to wear lapis lazuli and sapphire. These two gems correspond to the vibrations of a given planet.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazer relieves nervous tension and protects against over-excitement, gives clarity of thinking and an optimistic view of things. The gem perfectly recovers the spent energy and teaches to find joy in simple household trifles. Lapis lazuli also helps their wards in the successful completion of the cases started.

Disease protection:

  • radiculitis;
  • nervous diseases.

Clarity and wisdom in making important decisions - another merit of lapis lazuli, as Sagittarius in their natural temperament is not prone to patience and prudence. Since ancient times, lapis lazuli has been considered the patron of philosophers and pharaohs, therefore temperamental Sagittarius cannot be disturbed by a little balance and sanity.


This gem symbolizes chastity and loyalty. Even in ancient times, they noticed that sapphire protects only decent and honest people; he does not like slanderers and scoundrels. If the master of the stone is pure in heart and soul, sapphire will do everything possible to protect it from slanderers and rogues.

If the sapphire master is pure soul, the gem will fulfill his dreams. Gems and minerals are able to guess the secret desires of their wards, and sapphire is able to fulfill them.

Disease protection:

  • asthma;
  • heart ailments.

Note! To protect against diseases, a ring with sapphire is recommended to wear on your left hand.

There is one more amazing property of sapphire - it helps its ward to understand himself, his aspirations and desires. As well as sapphire can customize your protege in a positive way.

Stones by month of birth

If Sagittarius was born in the month of November, you need to pay attention to the following gems:

  • eye of the Tiger;
  • topaz.

For those born in December are suitable:

  • turquoise;
  • zircon.

Eye of the Tiger balances the bright temperament of the Sagittarius with its combination of the tranquility of the earth (dark stripes) and the sunny temperament (bright stripes). Internal balance allows Sagittarius to make informed decisions and direct the energy in the right direction.

Note! The stone tiger eye protects well from the evil eye and damage.

For ambitious Sagittarius, the tiger's eye helps to reach career heights if you purchase a horse-shaped figure. Only the ways to achieve success must be honest, as the gem does not accept trickery and fraud. The merit of gem is also great in stabilizing blood pressure, which is very important with an active rhythm of life.

Topaz It is considered the patron saint of lovers. The power of a gem increases if a loving person gives it. Topaz not only protects the loving couple, but also enhances the senses.

Note! Topaz helps to establish mutual understanding, bestows diplomacy skills, sets up a good attitude towards people.

Also, the help of topaz is attracted to the harmonization of relations between business partners: it eliminates misunderstandings, relieves tensions in relations, restores friendly relations. Stone is put on during negotiations, signing contracts and for expanding business relationships.

Topaz is also used to protect against negative energy and the evil eye. Gem helps maintain clarity of mind and defend their principles. Topaz attracts cash flows if its owner needs to finance a project or an event.

Zircon well fills the energy consumed, especially emotional. Gem helps to distinguish truth from lies, truth from error. Therefore, zircon is considered the patron saint of lawyers - lawyers, judges, investigators. For a mascot, it is better to choose a pyramid-shaped zircon. Esoteric explain that on the edge of the pyramid negative accumulates, which immediately disperses in space.

The stone is a powerful amulet against dangerous situations on the roadway, from injury and attack of robbers. Not once did zircon save the life of its owner from dangers, but he saved his health from diseases. However, in order for a gem to protect, it must be near the person, and not at a distance from him. Carry a stone with you or cut it and wear it as an accessory.

Turquoise not just a beautiful bright gem that attracts attention. It is a strong ward that protects its owner from troubles and misfortunes. Turquoise also balances the emotional sphere, giving inner peace and tranquility. This is extremely necessary for the temperamental Sagittarius, who likes to go to extremes and worry about empty things.

Note! To relieve stress from a stressful situation, put turquoise under a pillow for the night: the stone will clear the subconscious of negative memories and tune in a positive way.

The amazing property of turquoise to relieve stress and soothe anxious psyche became known in ancient times. She was often taken on trips full of anxiety and suspense. However, the gem does not help everyone, but only disinterested and simplehearted people. If he does not like the new owner, the stone will be lost or cracked.

Stone Sagittarius on the horoscope

A woman’s Sagittarius stone is distinguished by a red or green tinge. It may be a ruby ​​or a garnet, but diamonds are also suitable for Sagittarius.

Garnet Since ancient times, is considered the patron saint of lovers. This is a stone of sincere hearts, true feelings and aspirations. Pomegranate loves noble people and helps them comprehensively: attracts money, opens up career opportunities. Pomegranate is a semi-precious stone that presents its owner with courage and determination, as well as a gift to convince people that they are right.

Note! Gems and simply ornamental stones have their own energy, which can benefit or harm their owners. Stones should be handled with great care to help you.

Pomegranate can help its owner in the fulfillment of desires, if these desires are within the limits of the reasonable.

Ruby - The main stone talisman Sagittarius. It is a powerful guard against negative energy, protecting lovers from the evil eye and damage. The precious ruby ​​gives its owner charm, desire for sublime feelings and beauty. Ruby contributes to the strengthening of love, it can attract passionate passion to its owner for many years.

It is important to know! The ruby ​​becomes noticeably darker if a danger lurks its owner.

Energetic gem beneficially affects the personal qualities of its owner: it gives determination and courage in actions and decision-making, helps to get rid of shyness and complexes. However, people with a strong will and desire to suppress other rubies are contraindicated: it can make a cruel tyrant out of its owner. People with moderate temperament give the joy of being a ruby ​​and enjoyment of pleasant things. Esoteric do not recommend wearing a ruby ​​constantly, as it can completely change the energy of a person.

Diamond symbolizes fortitude and courage. He is able to bestow on his owner great luck, as well as power over people. Persistence and strength of character allows a person to easily endure any problems and life peripetias. A faceted diamond is called a diamond. In ancient times it was believed that a diamond is capable of protecting it from the deadly effects of poisonous substances, therefore diamond jewels were put on peers.

Brilliant helps to recognize lies and enemies, attracts true friends and life partner. This is a powerful mascot for business. However, the stone must be intact and intact, otherwise it will bring trouble and trouble to its owner. The diamond should not be scratches, chips and other defects.

Stones of luck

Which stone is suitable for Sagittarius women to attract good luck? Amazonite and amethyst cope with this task.

Amazonite helps to keep family ties, provides mutual understanding between spouses. The gem tames the ardent Sagittarius character, harmonizes the state of mind. Amazonite affects women only on the positive side - reveals femininity, inner beauty and charm. Under the influence of the gem women have a desire to create a special atmosphere of family comfort, to show maximum care and attention to their loved ones.

Amethyst helps to get rid of the negative effects of bad habits, gives inner peace and tranquility. Amethyst also has the ability to accumulate negative energy, and therefore needs to be periodically cleansed with water, sunlight or salt.

Women amethyst save beauty and youth. To enhance the magical properties of the gem need a metal cut. This may be the shape of a ring or earrings, a bracelet or a pendant.

Bad stones

What stones are not suitable for Sagittarius and energy can do harm? These include:

  • pearls;
  • agate;
  • Moonstone;
  • nephritis.

Pearls energetically well suited the sign of Pisces, representatives of other zodiac signs should approach the choice of pearls with great care. If the energy of the pearl and the person do not coincide, big troubles are possible. Not for nothing, pearls are compared with tears.

Agat - gem with a strong and independent character. He loves balanced and wise people. If the owner of the stone is unable to cope with the flow of negative feelings and emotions, agate will pacify him without demand. Ways of restraint can be different, including, and dangerous to the health and life of the owner.

Moonstone differs capricious character and manifests it regardless of the will of its owner. If the moonstone has disliked the owner or has become indifferent, it can attract great trouble. The moonstone is used in the conduct of business: it strengthens the intuition and reveals the inner potential of its owner.

Nephritis undesirable for Sagittarius, as they are energetically incompatible. Nephritis suitable for natures with a calm temperament, thoughtful and cautious in words and deeds.

How to choose a stone

What stones are suitable for Sagittarius? For a gem to benefit, you need to establish an energy contact with it. To do this, you need to establish sympathy: you should like the stone. If the gem does not like, with him should say goodbye, even if it was presented. This stone can greatly harm a person with whom he has not established a positive energy connection.

If you buy a gem in a store, ask it to consider. Take the stone in your hand and listen to your inner feelings. If the inside is warm and pleasant, the vibrations of the stone coincide with yours: this will be an excellent amulet and helper. If there is anxiety, coldness or discomfort inside, it is not your gem.

Note! Stones amulets need special care and attention. They should be protected from mechanical damage, scratches and chips.

After you have chosen a stone in the store, you need to establish a closer relationship with it. This implies daily communication with the gem by putting it on as decoration or admiring (with words of admiration). After a while, you will feel a connecting thread of energy between you and the gem, you will feel it even at a distance.